chandeliersJust love these candelabrum at Claire Marine’s wedding!

Sequin dress

robe à sequinsHey you!

I had a crush on Margaux’ sequin dress. I don’t understand why it’s still rare to see this kind of dress whereas it’s just the perfect outfit for a wedding. It’s shiny but elegant, sexy but classy and above all it’s stylouuuse!

I usually spend days to find THE dress I’m gonna wear for a wedding, but most of the time, even if the dress is cool, I never reach this WAOUUH effect!!! OK maybe Margaux herself contributes a lot to the success of this dress… but I still want to try for the next wedding I’ll attend! 😉


Shop Margaux’ dress :

Summer hat

wedding hat

Hey you!

Love Ornella’s hat. Just perfect for a garden party or a wedding!