Windy Elsa

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Hey you!

Just in love with Elsa look… I want the same pastel coat, it’s so fresh! It smells spring while it’s still in winter!! Love this concept! Actually, I’m sure that if everybody were wearing pastel colors, winter would be totally different and much more cool!!

Do you remember last time when I shot her, she had blue hair? And now she is totally white… It’s frustrating for me (normal person) to see that she can do everything with her hair. Me too, I want to look like a gorgeous scandinavian woman:-(


Elsa blog : Elsamuse

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carel paris  Love those glitter Carel boots… Want the same! It’s just perfect to boost a classic outfit!!



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Love in the air…

veronika heilbrunner

Hey you!

Here is a couple I admire…not because they are good looking or famous in the fashion industry, but just because they seem to be still in love.

This might seem a stupid reflexion, but in times of ready-to-love relationships, I have so much respect for this kind of couple who look deeply in love. Obviously, I’m not in their relationship, and I can’t judge if it works well or not… But when I look at them, I can’t help thinking that they are HAPPY TOGETHER.

Today, I have the feeling that some couples stay together for bad reasons. Some are scared to come back to the « single status » and end up alone, others prefer material comfort to love and I even know some people who have given up the idea of love.

For sure, I can’t judge these people who haven’t the same priority as me. I just think it’s a pity that some people don’t want to step out of their comfort zone… because when I’m looking at Veronika & Justin, I can’t help thinking that me too, I want a man in a suit running towards me… so sexy!! 

And what about you? Are U a love believer (a belover)? Have you found your Justin, or your Veronika?! Are you scared about ending up alone?

PS: Sprint love is the best declaration ever!!

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Jourdan Dunn after Topshop

jourdan dunnThe gorgeous Jourdan Dunn after Topshop fashion show in London fashion week.

Camille Over the Rainbow

camille charrièreCamille over the rainbow during New York Fashion Week wearing a FWSS skirt, an Acne jacket with Stella Mc Cartney shoes.
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