Delphine for Paris your style


Hey you!!

Want to show you the style of Delphine! So freshhhh! I over love the oilskin/beanie mix!! She looks like the perfect Breton like that, but actually she comes from Toulouse!! Was really great to shoot her with her offbeat side!!! Same coolness as Cara Delevingne 😉

Nevertheless, I have to confess to you that I have a Zara necklace overdose! You know my love for Zara, but I can’t stand for these necklaces anymore!!! I have the feeling that EVERYBODY I know has one like this at least… (and I’m the perfect epitome, as I have 2 in my jewel box!!!) Time to look for small and creative jewelry designers!!!

Oilskin / Ciré : Petit Bateau

Pants & Necklace : Zara

Shirt : Reiko

Boots : André

Beanie : Make my D (shop in Montmartre)