Oversized Scarf

alix de beerHey you!

I hate so much winter, that I need to find cool stuffs to handle with this season… No seriously, I’ll never understand people who like it. Personnally, not only, I never know how to dress, but also I feel uglier than usual. My hands are blue and my face (above all my nose) is a big camaïeu of RED! (sexy, sexy!) If I could I would hibernate, like all the smart animals… but apparently life’s calling outside! 

So let’s wrap in a an oversized scarf like the beautiful Léa to feel a lil’ bit better! Finally, it’s like going out with our woolen blanket, but in a more stylish way! 😉


PS1: Be patient to discover the rest of the outfit! 😉

the scarf Léa model photographer streetstyle Shop Léa’ Scarf :

Oh Margaux…


Hey you!

After the shooting for the jewelry Compagnie des Gemmes, I asked Margaux to shoot her cause I like her style and her natural class! A Parisian again! She doesn’t need make up or hairstyle to be cool, cause she is the coolness! 😉 OK this day was a very bad example because she was made up and had well groomed hair, but next time I promise I’ll shoot her in her daily life and you’ll still notice a waouh effect!! 😉


PS 1: She looks like so much to Audrey Marnay, don’t you think?

PS 2: Back to my first love : B&W pics

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Shop Margaux’ look :

Skirt your style

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Hey you!

Today, focus on Mary’s look. I love the way she plays with her skirt or glasses… That’s why, I love dancing with a dress or a skirt! So easy to look cool just touching your skirt, even when you dance like Carlton from « The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ». True story! Poor me, I’m pretty sure I’m the only girl who didn’t practice dance when I was little… So now, my friday or saturday nights are getting complicated when I follow my friends in a club. (Generally stuck in the bar!)


Top : La Redoute

Skirt : Camaïeu

Shoes : Ash same on ASOS

Glasses : River Island same on Thierry Lasry

alix de beercamaieu skirtfashion glassesfashionphotographerstreetlookstreetstyle

Fay off duty

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Hey you!

Let me introduce to you, Fay a new face of Ford Model Agency! I’m just crazy about her and about her look. Everything looks amazing on her…  I’m really proud that she agreed to be shot for Paris your style!! (Happy De Beer!!)

Remember her name, you’ll see her soon walking down the catwalk 😉


PS: I had a big crush on her Am App body, want the same

 Bodysuit : American Apparel

Shoes : Asos

Bag & necklace : Etsy

Jacket & Pants : Vintage

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Azélie for Paris your style


Hey you! Happy Mondaaaay!

Aujourd’hui, focus sur le style d’Azélie!  J’adore ce qu’elle dégage! Son charme naturel, ses yeux de fou et son sourire à tomber!! On pourrait crier au cliché ac ses long cheveux blonds et ses yeux clair et pourtant c’est tout le contraire!! Juste une beauté atypique! Bon, comme vous le voyez, elle n’est pas que belle, elle a aussi un look bien stylouse!!

Je kiffe bien évidemment son col boutonné jusqu’au cou, mais ne comprends tjs pas, pourquoi je n’arrive pas au même degré de style qd je le fais sur moi… Quelque chose m’échappe. Je trouve ça trop cool sur tout le monde sauf sur moi… Y a -t-il qqch que j’ai loupé dans le boutonnage ou c’est juste la forme de mon cou qui ne s’y prête pas!! Et biiiim, une semaine qui commence avec un nouveau complexe!!! (Heureusement pr moi, la semaine est courte!!!)

Pull gris: Monoprix

Pull bleu marine : Sandro

Chaussures : Van’s

Pantalon : H&M

PS: je ne vous dirai pas qui nous a prêté sa terrasse de maboul, pcq vs risqueriez de la détester!! 😉

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