Michelle Williams and Jennifer Connelly

Michelle Williams Louis Vuitton

Hey you,

Michelle Williams and Jennifer Connelly attended yesterday to the Louis Vuitton fashion show. Apparently, they were talking about funny things, but WHAT?? Me too, I want to laugh! 😉


PS: I didn’t like Michelle Williams when she was playing Jen in Dawson but now I really love her!! <3

Jennifer Connelly Michelle Williams louis vuitton

Kristina Bazan

paris fashion week

Love shooting Kristina Bazan from Kayture blog. She’s always smiling and I can tell you that it’s really uncommon in the fashion industry. Love her style, because even she looks like a doll, she has a sexy thing in her look… Just the perfect model for a fashion photographer!! 😉

Kristina Bazan
fashion blog

Maria Leest

maria leest

Hey you, happy fishday!

Euhhh sorry to show you again the perfection, but I can’t keep it for myself, I want you to feel as depressed as I am, when I look at Maria Leest!! She seems straight out an ad campaign: brown long hair, green / blue eyes, beautiful smile, sublime legs…. aaaargghh #lifeisunfair


mary leest fashion blog


Malaika Firth

malaika firth

The beautiful model Malaika Firth after Louis Vuitton fashion show during Paris Fashion Week.

Je ne sais pas vous mais lorsque je vois Malaika dans ce pull, je ne peux m’empêcher de fredonner la chanson de Léo Ferré:

« T’es toute nue sous ton pull, ya la rue qu’est maboule, jolie môme… »

Et fatalement, j’ai moi aussi envie de me la jouer Malaika… ça tombe bien c’est l’automne, profitons-en avant de recommencer nos superpositions ou « layering » pour les plus fashionistas! 😉

Qui a dit que l’on ne pouvait pas être sexy en automne?

malaika Shop Malaika’s jumper :

Ulyana Sergeenko

ulyana sergeenko

The wonderful Ulyana Sergeenko during Paris Fashion Week.

ulyana sergeenko fashion ulyana sergeenko moscow