Devon Windsor after Topshop

devon windsorDevon Windsor after Topshop during London Fashion Week.

devon model devon fashion model devon windsor model

Janice Yip’s hairstyle @ Vivienne Westwood

janice yipHey you,

What do you think about Janice Yip’s hairstyle for Vivienne Westwood fashion show?!

Do you like this? I really hope she will launch a trend with this, because it just how I look like the morning before my shower!! 😉


janice yip model



Amber from Reward Style

amber rewardstyleAmber from Reward Style before Topshop fashion show during London Fashion Week.

Jourdan Dunn after Topshop

jourdan dunnThe gorgeous Jourdan Dunn after Topshop fashion show in London fashion week.

How to be on Mira Duma’s instagram?!


Hey you!

When I came back to France after London Fashion Week, one of my friend called me to tell me I was on the Mira Duma’s Instagram! I didn’t understood at the beginning, insofar as I hadn’t post anything yet about her… (and above all I had no Instagram!!! Crazy de Beeeer I know!) And then she explained me that I was on the picture… Still didn’t understood bc my look was useless(Seriously, how can you look stylouuuse in February!?) Anf finally I had a big laugh when I saw myself on my knees trying to get THE cliché! So now with the 3rd pic, my dear teasing friend will better understand why I look like to shoot the pole!

PS: Love her, not only bc she Instagram me, but also bc she’s as small as me!! (Generally, I love all people under 1.605m)

PS 2: photo Instagram

PS 3: Since now I’m an instagram addict, don’t hesitate to follow me! 

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