Hairstyle inspiration

I saw this girl yesterday around Dries Van Noten fashion show, and I totally felt in love with her hairstyle !!


Etam Live Show


Hey you!

I had the honor to be on backstage for the Etam Live Show and I wanted to share with you this awesome moment!!

Too much sexyness and fun!! 😉


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Oh Margaux…


Hey you!

After the shooting for the jewelry Compagnie des Gemmes, I asked Margaux to shoot her cause I like her style and her natural class! A Parisian again! She doesn’t need make up or hairstyle to be cool, cause she is the coolness! 😉 OK this day was a very bad example because she was made up and had well groomed hair, but next time I promise I’ll shoot her in her daily life and you’ll still notice a waouh effect!! 😉


PS 1: She looks like so much to Audrey Marnay, don’t you think?

PS 2: Back to my first love : B&W pics

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