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Hey you, happy Monday!

3 days left before the end of the fashion month! Can’t wait for a lil’ break… From outside, it may seem cool, but one day, I will tell you the Real Story of Fashion Week! Stay tuned!

But today, let’s talk about Sara the fashion blogger from Collage Vintage . I’m pretty sure you follow her on Instagram or at least you have already heard about her. Actually, I met her for the first time one week ago during Milan Fashion Week thanks to my dear friend Marie Paola 😉 And now each time I see her, I can’t help shooting her! Not only she is really really pretty but also she’s very nice… Don’t think that I just look at the beauty when I’m taking pictures. I probably shouldn’t tell you that but I have a black list of fashion people that I don’t want to photograph because they seem too arrogant! (But it’s top secret!!)

Coming back to Sara… I like her sense of style. Cool, casual but elegant. By the way, it’s funny because she was wearing the same Zara dress that Elsa Muse when I shot her in Palais de Tokyo. And even if I loved her dress I was thinking that I was too small to wear this kind of long dress. But when I saw Sara with it today, I changed my mind, and decided to stop limitating myself for stupid reasons!!! (even if she’s obviously taller than me…but smaller than Elsa!)

PS: want the same fringe jacket!! 😉

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