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Beauty @ Chanel Couture.

Chanel beauty

Casual Chic

InspirationHey you!

I love India‘s look. Perfect mix of Chanel jacket & bag with a pair of jeans & Stan Smith !

Both casual and chic!! (and also sexy for sure) 😉

Alix de Beer Fashion blog Photographer India Weber Veste Chanel Lying down

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Joan Smalls

Joan smallsGorgeous Joan Smalls after Chanel Couture fashion show!!!



joan smalls model chanel

Julia Restoin Roitfeld

julia restoinLucky Julia Restoin Roitfeld who has inherited from the elegance of her mother!!

Working girl


Hey you, I introduce to you Marie-Charlotte the perfect epitome of the working girl! I met her in New York during New York Fashion Week. (so cool to say that you meet people in NYC, usually I hate this kind of person who let us know they have a thrilling life!! ) Actually she is a friend of friend, and as my friends are so cool, they obviously have interesting friends!! You know, it’s mathematics, friends of my friends…blablabla 

So let’s go back to this beautiful Frenchy who has worked in New York for a few years and who is now back in Paris! (Happy de Beer!) I really admire her because she never stops (like the blonde salad! I really need to calm down with Instagram and its hashtags). She is always working… and when you think she’s just drinking wine with friends, you are wrong cause she’s networking! I don’t know how she can manage it… I’m so happy to be home an evening and to do nothing, just watching my series and eating. Ok sometimes, I guess that if there were people spying on me they would say that I’m a geek who has no friends… More seriously, I can’t explain why, but at least once (or generally more) a week, I need to be home alone. Yet, I wish I was like Marie Charlotte, always ready for (net)working, meeting new people… etc but unfortunately, I belong to the home-lovers people! 😉

And you, are you more like Marie Ch. or me?!

PS: OK I’m not a real geek, I’m going out 3 or 4 evenings a week, but compared to Marie-Charlotte who has all her nights booked until February 2015, I feel totally asocial!  :-(

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