27, single and happy…

photographerHey you, happy Monday!

Today, I’d like to talk about the social pressure on the single status! Personnally, I think I’m just fed up with it, and above all I don’t understand it.

Obviously, I guess that it’s better to be in a couple when you are crazy in love with your partner than to be single. BUT let’s imagine that despite all the parties you are going to, and all the friends of friends of friends you have met, NOBODY « suits » you..  So, why should you be in a relationship if you haven’t found the right person???!! This looks like a non-sense question, but I promise to you that it is not for some people!

I have many single friends like me, and almost all of them look worried about their status, because they get close to the 30 or are already 30 and think as if they have an expiration date written on their forehead. And, if  I can easily talk about it, it’s because 2 years ago, I felt the same way… Actually, even if I wasn’t anymore in love with my boyfriend, I didn’t want to break up, just bc I didn’t want to join the « SINGLE CLUB » at 26 years old. I was thinking, I’ll never find anyone else… all the people of my age were already in a relationship or worst married!! 😉 And finally, I decided to do it for me, but also to be honest with my partner. And after a dozen pack of tissues, time and a freezer full of snickers, I realized I felt better.

Now, I’m 27, still single, and I’m really comfortable with it. In fact, I have never felt so confident!

Before, I thought I was single because I was too ugly. And believe me, many people think that way and can’t understand that a « normal » girl could be single. Even me, sometimes I find myself wondering why some of my good friends are still single while they are so gorgeous!! (stupid de Beer!!!)

And if you are not « so » ugly, people think you’re stupid, too demanding or a gay who hasn’t coming out yet!  

Ok I’m not the smartest person of the world (but not the dumbest I hope), I have some skin problems and hairstyle issue (according to my dad), nonetheless, I really feel confident and I’m sure that I’ll find my « Louis Garrel » (or my « Ryan Gosling » because I’m not so complicated you see 😉 )  when I be ready... Waiting for this, I fully enjoy my life!!! 

And what about you?!


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