Défilé or Gala?!

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I looove this picture. I took it last week in Paris during the Fashion Week Haute Couture! It seems like she’s going to a gala!! She just looks so classy!! Like it!



Grace Mahary after Chanel

Grace Mahary  Grace Mahary after Chanel.


Before Chanel


Harrington + Vans

menstyleHey you!

Today focus on Arthur’s look for Paris your style. It’s simple but I like it. Basics are always good.


PS: Sorry for the Fu** again, but still so stylouuuuuse 😉

Jacket : Harrington (Zalando)

Shoes : Vans (Asos)

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The sailor coat (Paris your style)

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Hey you!

Today focus on Yves’ look a brilliant parisian guy. I’m crazy about his sailor coat!! For me, there should be only ONE coat for men: the navy blue blazer!!! So stylouuuuuuse! It’s everything: cool, class & sexy!

I have to confess, that each time I see a guy wearing this kind of coat, I’m doing a double take!! And generally, these guys look really really cool!


Sailor Coat : Gloverall

Jeans : Levi’s

Boots : ASOS

caban gloverall

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