Isabel Marant for H&M

Hey you… D-1 before THE day!

Yououuhouuuu!! Thanks life, thanks H&M and thanks God without THIS couldn’t be possible! (and by God I mean Isabel Marant for sure!)

So, here is my selection for tomorrow: the cream of the cream, the top of the pop!

5 essentials from this collection that will boost your look, your job, your dates, your network and your life! (Ok, maybe I’m overreacting, but come on, it happens only once in life! like a picture with JR for instance!) So be ready!!


PS: And you, have you already done your wishlist?

PS2: Did you take your day off? (BTW, why it’s not a bank holiday? Come on Mr President! It’s THE day of the decade year!)

PS3: Are you ready to wait, and wait and wait ? Ready to come back to animal condition, to fight for your game hunting, and to leave your humanity in front of the store?! Because, I am!! 


Pictures: H&M