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Let me introduce to you, Paolina, an other girl I met in New York… more precisely in the plane from NYC to Paris, where we seated side by side. Usually, I don’t like speaking to my plane neighbor bc I’m always scared that the person never stops talking to me, even when I want to sleep or just watch a movie quietly! 😉

But this time, it was different, I had a very important question to ask her! So, after watching her during 30 minutes (you know how subtle I can be!), I decided to initiate a (weird) conversation:

-« Hello are U model? »

-« No, but thank you! »

And then I asked her name! 😉

Actually, I was a lil’ sad, because I was sure to have developed lately this kind of (totally useless) gift which allowed me to recognize a model in any circumstance… But fortunately, later I discovered that a few models agencies had already noticed her. So, I felt much better and had the feeling to have recovered my 6th sense 😉


PS: At least I’m good at one thing… 😉

PS2: completely in love with  her Isabel Marant X H&M jumper!

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