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Today, focus on the golden look of Cinthya for Stella Pardo. As you know, we’ve been working together for a few month now. The more I discover her collection, the more I want it. I love this kind of cardigans, that you can wear in a nonchalantly way… What’s more sexy and elegant, than an uncovered shoulder?! Unfortunately, I have try to do the same thing with my own cardy, and the result isn’t sexy at all… (sob sound again and again…) I prefer to think that it only comes from my clothes 😉 I’m sure, I would be as nonchalant as her with the same jumper, don’t you think? (De Beer always positive!)


Cardigan : Stella Pardo

Jumpsuit : H&M

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  1. canon!!

  2. Belle !

  3. Very pretty outfit! Love the mix of white and gold.

    Jules x

  4. Monica says:

    love the cardi, great photos.

    come check me out!
    mon |

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