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Hey you! Happy Monday! (I know it’s not Monday, but for me the first day of a normal work week can’t be anything else than Monday!)

Let me introduce to you the beautiful style of Camille!! I want the same leather jacket!!! The color, the leather, the fit, everything is just perfect!! I also overlike her amazing long legs!! I don’t know if I’m obsessed with her legs, because mine are just the contrary! Big calves on small legs…. (Actually, I have my father legs… hard story but true story!!! I let you imagine the worst!!) In France we call my morphology « court sur pattes », but i don’t know what is the English translation for that!

But don’t worry, I’m pretty sure Camille is the only one girl to have these legs (with Miranda, Gisele, Heidi, Joan, Cara and all-the-women-we-hate!!)

Leather jacket: The Kooples

Short: ASOS

Necklace : My little box


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  1. The short is so prety, I love the fabric

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