Patricia Manfield

Love in the air…

Patricia Manfield and Giotto Calendoni after Emporio Armani fashion show during Milan Fashion Week.

Love her style!! ;-)


Her blog :  The Atelier

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Courtney Trop and ..

linda-tolCourtney Trop and Linda Tol before Fendi fashion show during Milan Fashion Week…

Chiara Ferragni

chiara ferragni bloggerHey you!

Milan Fashion Week has just started! Happy de Beer... but it also means that I can’t spend a lot of time on the blog.

So if you want to follow me during this crazy week in Milan, follow me on my instagram: alixdebeer . I will often update it!

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PS: Love Chiara Ferragni look ;-)




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Social networks

mac book pro

Hey you, happy Monday!

You know how bloggers like me are social networks dependent. I can’t say how many hours a day I spend on Facebook, instagram, twitter… but I guess too much time! Actually, sometimes I don’t know if it’s for my work, or my personal pleasure insofar as the border between these two activities could be so tiny.

Obviously, I’m really thankful to gain visibility via the social networks. It’s such a good opportunity to share my work as easily and freely. Nonetheless, sometimes I’m just fed up with it.

-First, I can’t bear people who spend at least 30 minutes (true story) in a brunch, party, or whatever, to take a selfie, (oh no let’s do it again I’m awful compared to you…Oh sh*t I close my eyes, one more. Oh no there is a photobomber in the background the last one I promise blablabla), to edit the selfie (Should I crop it no? Which effect do you prefer? Nashville are you sure? OK but now it’s over saturated. Should we add a blurry effect or is it too much?) and to post it (with my Bestie, heart smiley, <3 <3 to the best party ever… #bestie #bff #hipster #party #saturdaynight #fun #girls #nashvillefilter #ootd #picoftheday #Adidasshoes #UOpants #zarapanties #h&mpants #Topshopsocks ).  I won’t speak about the time spent to look the new likes on the pic. Finally, I have the feeling they don’t fully enjoy the event. Wait, I know that some people are paid to do that and I don’t denigrate them when they spend 3 or 5 minutes to do it… it’s part of the job, and to be honest I would love to be paid to check in ;-) (but I think that except my mother it doesn’t interest anybody).

-Also, I feel bad to see that Instagram has taken over my brain… Last time, I was invited to a champaign degustation by a friend and when I came back home I realize that most of the guests had posted on instagram about the night and I felt bad for not having posted. Usually I have this feeling when I forget to thank the host… which is much more dramatic!! #itsanewworld

-Last, I always feel uncomfortable when I see private moments on the social networks… like a mother in a maternity hospital with her baby who is jut 10 min old. For sure, if I had a baby, I would be the first to share his portrait but not when he’s still blue with an unknown shape:-(  In addition to the baby dirty posts, I hate discovering via the social networks that an ex is now married or dad, even if I’m totally in love!!! (Maybe I should think about unfriend some people!) And I don’t even talk about the new hashtag trend for the weddings… it makes me feel nauseous. (#julesloveselizabeth #sophieandmatthieuforever) #yuck #yuck 

The worst part is that I’m not even sure to resist to what I report… cause not only I am a social network dependent but also a buzz addict. :-( I should go to detox!! #icannonthelp #drug #addiction

And what about you? Do you experiment this love/hate relationship with social networks?

Windy Elsa

alix de beer

Hey you!

Just in love with Elsa look… I want the same pastel coat, it’s so fresh! It smells spring while it’s still in winter!! Love this concept! Actually, I’m sure that if everybody were wearing pastel colors, winter would be totally different and much more cool!!

Do you remember last time when I shot her, she had blue hair? And now she is totally white… It’s frustrating for me (normal person) to see that she can do everything with her hair. Me too, I want to look like a gorgeous scandinavian woman:-(


Elsa blog : Elsamuse

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