Tanika Hoffman by ..

billabong alix de beer

Hey you, happy Monday!

Because, today is a lil’ bit hard to go back to work, I would like to make you feel better with these beach pictures!!

Love Tanika Hoffman for sure, but above all, I had a crush on her high-waisted bikini bottom!

Sorry, but break is over, time to go back to work guys!! ;-)


fashion blog billabong womens Billabong surf surfing surfer beach styleTanika Tanika Hoffman 

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Nemesis babe

nemesis by alix de beer

Hey you!

I love Nemesis Babe ‘s look. Actually, I looooove all she’s wearing! I could totally wear it. She’s very good at mixing different styles and I like it! I don’t know her, but I’m a huge fan of her blog : Nemesis babe. The pictures are always cool and beautiful and above all are different from other fashion blogs and her outfits just so stylouuuuuses!

I’ll definitely buy her Nike bra!!

streetstyle nemesis babe

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Cocktail time

cocktail Hey you!

Let’s enjoy our last summer cocktails before it’s too late!! ;-)


Lena Perminova

elena perminovaLena Perminova before Chanel Couture.

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End of holidays

pyla corniche

Hey you,

This is the end of holidays… and I’m back to Paris. (sob sound) 

2 possibilities:

-The 1st one: crying and crying, thinking back to the great moments you had with your friends & family!

-The 2nd one : being thankful for these fuc**ing awesome holidays and start planning the GREAT new year which is coming right now! Organize your next travels, set reasonable but ambitious sportive & career goals, and dont’ forget to free up time for friends and cultural activities! (OK, we probably won’t be able to achieve one third of our to do list, but we’ll feel much better right now, which is just PERFECT!!)

That’s why I decided to choose the last one option (and also ’cause I ran out of tears yesterday!) ;-)