Lena Perminova

elena perminovaLena Perminova before Chanel Couture.

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End of holidays

pyla corniche

Hey you,

This is the end of holidays… and I’m back to Paris. (sob sound) 

2 possibilities:

-The 1st one: crying and crying, thinking back to the great moments you had with your friends & family!

-The 2nd one : being thankful for these fuc**ing awesome holidays and start planning the GREAT new year which is coming right now! Organize your next travels, set reasonable but ambitious sportive & career goals, and dont’ forget to free up time for friends and cultural activities! (OK, we probably won’t be able to achieve one third of our to do list, but we’ll feel much better right now, which is just PERFECT!!)

That’s why I decided to choose the last one option (and also ’cause I ran out of tears yesterday!) ;-)


Ellie-Jean Coffey


Ellie-Jean Coffey

The bombshell surfer Ellie-Jean Coffey @ Swatch Girls Pro

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Imaan Hammam

imaan hammam

The model Imaan Hammam after Schiaparelli couture fashion show.

imaan hammam schiaparelli imaan hammam by alix de beer


Tanika Hoffman

Tanika Hoffman surfer

Hey you!

Let me introduce to you Tanika Hoffman a pro surfer from South Africa.

The more I see her, the more I want to become a surfer… Come on, I think that is the best job ever! Always on the beach and all the year tanned! And don’t even talk about her natural blond strands… I don’t understand why I didn’t think about this career when I left financial controlling.  ;-) (« Maybe bc you have never surfed in in my life! » would have answered my friends) 

OK, I won’t be as sexy as Tanika with a wetsuit top…but I wonder if someone can be. By the way, have you noticed how she looks so stylouuuuse when she puts her top… I’ll definitely let my hair grow and run to a surfshop to buy a wetsuit top and train putting it like her. ;-)

But I don’t think I could wait next summer to wear it… So I was wondering, if you think that we can wear it outside the beach. This is a true question, so don’t hesitate to tell me your opinion!!

fashion surfstyle surfing billabong

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