Jenn for Paris you..



Hey you!

Let me introduce to you Jenn & Marcel (don’t really like dogs, I’m a cat person so a dog hater!) Jenn is an Australian girl who has been living in Montmartre for 3 years! I love her style! In fact, I liked everything she was wearing for the shooting! Hat, shoes, coat, jumper, sunglasses and even her daily glasses!! Love everything but Marcel!!

Shoes & Glasses : Stella Mc Cartney

Jeans: JBrand

Hat : Eugenia Kim

Sunglasses : Karen Walker


Jumper & coat : Vintage

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Pink Lipstick

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Hey you!

Je suis juste faaaan du lipstick de Mi-na… Je surkiffe! J’en avais acheté un il y a 3 ans et je trouvais ça trop cool, sauf que maintenant impossible de le porter… Mais lorsque je vois Mi-na avec, je me dis que je dois lui donner une dernière chance!!! (Promis, je m’instAlix avec si j’y arrive!!)

Et vous, est-ce que vous êtes aussi frileuses que moi en matière de lipstick (impossible de démordre du bon vieux rouge!!!) ou vous êtes plutôt téméraires comme Mi-na?


PS: le détail au top, la Boucle d’oreille sobre mais bougrement classe!!!

PS2 : Si vous voulez le même: Rouge longue tenue – Fuchsia Mettalic de Sephora


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Delphine for Paris..




Hey you!

Let me introduce to you Delphine a beautiful Parisian girl!

So happy, that winter has gone! Let’s put our timeless leather jacket!!! Happy de Beer!

PS: love Delphine’ smile!!








Azélie for Alix d..

Hey you!

Happy Monday!


Myriam for Paris y..


Hey you!!

Long time no post, but as you can see, I was working on the new design (Happy de Beer!) Don’t worry, it’s not finished yet, but it’s enough to start again Paris your Style!

Today, let me introduce to you Myriam a smart HR @ Galeries Lafayette!

I love the body/leotard she’s wearing! I just want to go to American Apparel to buy the same ;-) And I also over like her white coat, just perfect for the spring!

So now we keep in touch seriously, bc I have so many Parisian styles to show you! So happy!! (so cliché, but I’m on the verge of dancing Pharell’s dance on my bed  desk!!)


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